B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Online B2B lead generation is not all about secret methods, one-of-a-kind tech, or innovative strategies that blow people’s minds. It’s true that B2B marketing has been changing over the years due to the internet and many other factors. However, the basic principles of B2B sales remain the same. B2B lead generation starts with creating interest in your product and service and going from there.

You have to convince the decision makers that your business is trustworthy, and the product or service is worth further investigation. If you present your business and product or service correctly to the right people the right way, then you will get leads.

Building the best online B2B lead generation strategy for your business is more about understanding what type of marketing works on what channels.  Once you have an understanding of how different marketing strategies work on different channels for B2B sales it becomes easier to generate leads.  We are great at applying winning strategies for any type of business.

Our team will help you generate organic leads through the specific social media channels that fit your business model. We will also help you make progress in the search engines with our organic SEO services. It’s not easy to learn how to generate leads online for any type of B2B business. It takes a lot of trial and error or research. We have been there and done that. Our team has been generating B2B leads online since the internet gold rush.

Our team will help you generate leads through every social media channel. We will also help you make progress in the search engines with our SEO services.

Social media marketing strategies

Having solid social media marketing strategies for B2B lead generation become more vital every day. Paid ads on social media for B2B lead generation doesn’t cost as much as traditional advertising. Paid social media ads can also offer a really great ROI if you run your campaign correctly. However, B2B marketing through paid social media ads is not as easy as B2C marketing.

You have to make sure you adjust your social media marketing strategies for B2B or you’ll be advertising to the wrong people. The last thing any business owner wants to do is market their products and services to the wrong people. Our team can develop winning social media marketing strategies that help you focus your target on your business avatars.

Conversion rates are low for B2B marketing through social media. You can expect 1-3% conversion rates for most business types. However, B2B social media marketing is built for quantity over quality. You want to generate a lot of leads through social media for B2B sales to get the best business avatars. Think of social media as the top of the sales funnel for your business. The more people that inquire about your business through your website and social media channels the more sales you will close.

The best social media marketing strategies keep the price low and the audience large. Our team of digital marketing experts will help you create a big net to capture the most leads possible. It will then be up to your sales team to work leads down the funnel and convert them into paying customers.

There are two main social media channels that you should focus on when it comes to B2B sales. They are LinkedIn and Facebook. Our team will help you get the most out of LinkedIn and Facebook ads.

LinkedIn Ads

Everyone in the business worlds knows LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales. However, most business owners don’t know how to make the most out of the professional network or its advertising services. LinkedIn is the top social media platform for B2B marketers due to its being the biggest professional network online. It also has a lot of great marketing tools to help business owners focus on finding their business avatars.

We work really hard to maintain and grow our LinkedIn networks so our clients can get the best return possible. The larger your LinkedIn network the less you have to spend on LinkedIn ads to generate leads. Our team of LinkedIn marketing experts will help you build your network while also providing you a healthy return on your paid ads.

We will build your LinkedIn network to target your business avatars with a focus on building long-term win-win relationships with them. The way we create and share content for our clients tends to lead to a lot of engagement as well as leads.

Facebook lead ads

You should also integrate Facebook Lead Ads into your social media strategy for B2B. Online business queries have been shifting rapidly towards mobile devices, so Facebook is becoming even more vital. More and more business owners are seeing mobile Facebook lead ads than ever before.

Facebook lead ads are designed for lead generation inside the world’s largest social media platform so they offer the largest audience. Facebook launched this advertising service in 2015 to help their users do better with B2B sales through the platform. The Facebook Lead Ads work well due to the fact it takes two taps for your business avatars to see your offer. Facebook also has it set up to keep their users on their site.

Since Facebook Lead Ads are designed for lead generation inside the world’s largest social media channel, they’re especially potent. Facebook launched this service in 2015 after their analytics showed users found it difficult to signal to businesses their intent on Facebook mobile. Facebook Lead Ad solves this problem because it allows B2B users to sign up for your offer in just two taps, without leaving the social network.

It’s both targeted to your audience and highly customizable. Our team has been using this lead generation service for many types of business over the last few years. We also produce a strong ROI for our businesses and our client’s businesses in all that time.

Optimize your social media company pages

Facebook and LinkedIn prefer to send consumers to their own internal business pages, but your business pages link right to your website’s landing pages. Your business page, if set up right, can also rank really well in the organic searches through the other search engines. Our team can help you optimize your Facebook and LinkedIn company pages to score well with the SEO.

We will also produce direct traffic to your landing pages from these social media platforms. Our team will continuously refine your Call-To-Action (CTAs), images and content to generate the most leads possible for your business.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you start getting better results with your lead generation through social media and SEO.