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LinkedIn Connections: 8 Reasons to Connect with People You Don’t Know on LinkedIn

Do you receive unexpected LinkedIn connection requests from time to time? Possibly from people who you haven’t even met yet but are inviting you to connect.  Most people on LinkedIn are very private. They don’t accept connection requests from people they do not personally know. If you’re one of these people, I’m telling you – […]

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Take Note of the 5 Phrases that Will Kill Your Business

No matter how much technology improves over the years, your mindset will always be your most powerful business tool. Successful business owners are people that do not give up easily. They rely on their mindset to push through the tough times and overcome hurdles. Yes, you can have all the world’s resources – the best […]

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How to Understand People in Order to Build Great Business Relationships from Start to Finish

A lot of people understand the importance of business relationships, but we also tend to struggle with building them. My goal with this article is to provide some success tips that you can put into action. Creating success in business is more about maintaining relationships than it is adding contacts and followers. Win-Win business relationships […]