Crushing B2B Core Values

Core values are what support our vision, shapes the culture, and reflect what Crushing B2B is all about. Our core values are the essence of the Crushing B2B identity – the principles, beliefs, and philosophy… Our Core values educate our clients, potential customers and clarify the identity of our business.

Team members, vendors, and prospects are vetted based on passing at least 4 out of 5 of Crushing B2B’s core values. If we are not aligned on at least 4 out of 5 of them, we are not a fit and that is OK.

How to Define Business Core Values

Great B2B organizations are not only about sales growth and increasing profits, they also have a clear company personality that team members truly believe in. Clearly defined Core Values define a business to both external customers and internal team members.

Not everyone will be the perfect fit to work with an organization. Clearly defined Core Values help guide the team to see if an employee or a prospect would be a great fit.

A company’s core values can be described as…

A set of values that the entire organization acknowledges through their actions. The team actually lives and breathes these values through its people, and decisions that they make on a daily basis.

Crushing B2B has implemented “Scaling Up”, “Traction” and “Rocket Fuel” principles within our organization. The books help guide a business on how to develop Core Values.