Social Selling & Lead Generation Solutions

Every solution we have for you is systematized under the DMAIC process. Our goal is to help your business streamline your lead generation process and add value through different social selling activities. We increase your B2B leads by teaching you how to leverage digital channels in building relationships based on trust. Our primary mission is to convert your digital sales conversations into profits.

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14-Step Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System for Enterprises & Corporations

A process-oriented solution for more leads and B2B sales.

Our 14-Step Digital Strategy System is a proven, standardized system where we efficiently streamline your business’ lead generation process. We help you find prospects, build relationships, and convert them into profit. We make sure that your business is ready for more business.

Scaling up your business is all about closing more prospects while focusing on true net income. Businesses are in business to make money and we take great in helping people close more prospects. If you want to close more prospects, you need to take the right steps to build trust and earn the business.

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6-Step FasTrack B2B Sales Training for Groups and One-on-One

The 6-Step FasTrack Group Coaching is for entrepreneurs with annual sales under $2.5M. High-Level Executive Branding Candidates can benefit from it as well. It is a B2B lead generation training led by a certified CB2B Implementer.
CB2B Implementers use the CB2B Cloud-Based Program when implementing the CB2B FasTrack System. Our system gives both you and your Implementer full accountability on your progress
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LinkedIn B2B Sales Training

LinkedIn holds so much potential for building relationships and thought-leadership. According to research, 80% of B2B buyers have used social media platforms including LinkedIn to research vendors. This provides an opportunity to build credibility and buyer trust in an exponential level.

CB2B offers digital sales training and coaching on how to make the best use of LinkedIn. We teach groups and individuals our proven systems for Selling with LinkedIn, Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Selling with Video.

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B2B Social Media Marketing

Conversion rates are low for B2B marketing through social media. However, B2B social media marketing is built for quantity over quality. You want to generate a lot of leads through social media for B2B sales to get the best business avatars.

The best social media marketing strategies keep the price low and the audience large. Our CB2B team of social media marketing experts builds a big net to capture the most leads possible. CB2B helps you generate organic leads through the specific social media channels that fit your business model. 

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LinkedIn Profile Makeovers

Your LinkedIn Profile is the best place to build your personal B2B online brand. Therefore, it is not a resume. Instead, it should showcase the products and services you offer plus how each of them can help your ideal customers solve their business problems.

CB2B maximizes all areas on your LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Business Page to successfully show value, credibility, and thought-leadership. We offer LinkedIn Profile Makeover for Individuals and LinkedIn Profile Makeover for Teams.

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