How to optimize LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Does Your LinkedIn Profile Have the New Grey Banner of Death?

With over 722 million users worldwide, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing professional networking platforms.  

Back in 2005 – two years after LinkedIn was created –LinkedIn introduced services that allowed companies to post job listings and search the network for prospective employees. This is the reason why most people join LinkedIn to find a job or seek recruitment. 

While recruitment may still be the primary reason for the majority of LinkedIn users to be in the platform, with recent years’ digital transformation, there are now other significant reasons why professionals use LinkedIn. 

For example, LinkedIn has become a digital space where professionals can build their thought-leadership. They use the platform to share insights about their industry to help and inform their network about industry trends and/or changes. 

Another reason is for social selling. Salespeople use LinkedIn to build relationships with prospective clients based on trust. Thereafter, salespeople schedule an offline meeting and close a sales or partnership deal. 

However, many LinkedIn users – veterans or beginners – have not fully utilized the potential of LinkedIn to achieve their goals of being on the platform. This setback is usually rooted in the failure to optimize their LinkedIn profiles. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile 

Whether you’re on LinkedIn to find a job or for social selling, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is a must. 

Here are three reasons why LinkedIn profile optimization is necessary: 

Reason #1: An optimized LinkedIn profile increases your credibility as a professional. 

It only takes three seconds to make a first impression. When you connect with a potential prospect or employer of your business avatar, and they see that you have not completely filled out your LinkedIn profile, chances are they will not connect with you.

Linkedin profile optimization

LinkedIn profile optimization.
Most business leaders today are picky about whom they connect with. More often than not, when they see a LinkedIn user who has an incomplete profile, they ignore that connection as they assume they are not keeping up with technology or it is a fake profile. The LinkedIn user didn’t take the time to complete their profile. Therefore, they will assume that there would be no value from accepting the connection request.

However, when business leaders see that you have a great profile banner and about me section that shows what you do and how you can help them, they will see the request as a valuable opportunity to accept your connection.

Reason #2: Your target avatar searches for you or your skills online. 

Have you tried to do a Google search for your name and company? More often than not, one of the first search results would be your LinkedIn profile. 

If you’re on LinkedIn to find a job, recruiters utilize LinkedIn search to find profiles that match the skillset they’re looking for. An optimized profile includes embedding keywords in the appropriate profile sections such as the about me, work experience, and profile headline. When done right, recruiters will be able to see your LinkedIn profile as they’re searching for relevant profiles that fit the position they’re looking to fill. 

Similarly, today’s modern buyers are more independent in finding a solution to their business problems. They often do a Google search on companies that can help address their concerns. Thereafter, they go to LinkedIn and find people who can assist them further. During this stage, these modern buyers are in the consideration phase of their buying process and decide to build a relationship with the vendor that shows the most promise of being helpful and trustworthy. 

Reason #3: Your LinkedIn profile has spaces for free advertising. 

Another reason you should optimize your LinkedIn profile is that your profile offers many free advertising spaces. 

The most common mistake of LinkedIn users is setting their profile banners to default. This is what I call the Blue Banner of Death. 

Visit your profile. What is the first thing you see? Almost everyone will have their eyes fixate on your profile banner. If you leave it empty, you are missing out on a lot of eye traffic. 

Your profile banner acts as a free digital billboard where you can upload an image advertising what you do as a professional or the products/services your company offers. You can use your profile banner to attract your target avatars and entice them to learn more about you. 

Linkedin profile banner

Another free advertising space on your LinkedIn profile is the featured section. In this section, you can upload images, videos, slideshows, or documents to help your target avatar learn more about what you offer. Aside from increasing your credibility, the featured section allows you to take your profile viewers off LinkedIn and into your other channels such as your website. 

Win More by Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Today! 

When done right, an optimized LinkedIn profile can bring you so many opportunities. Aside from building your network and increasing chances of getting recruited, an optimized LinkedIn profile can build trust with prospective clients. 

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